How to Use and Clean

To assure that you will enjoy your sprayer for many years to come, keep the following points in mind:

  • adjust the nozzle to stream or spray option depending on your application
  • fill tank and close properly to avoid losing air pressure
  • pump up to adequate pressure level.
  • clean before storage especially when liquids containing sugars were used.

What to spray?

The Chef Sprayer will spray low viscosity liquids when properly pressurized and cleaned. (ie: water, milk, wine, vinegar, beer, (no pulp) juices, cider, coffee, tea, etc)

What not to spray?

Heavy, thick sauces such as BBQ sauces containing honey, sugar, molasses, syrups, etc can only be applied with a stream. Do not use mustard seeds, pepper flakes, garlic cloves, fennel seeds, etc. in the sprayer as these food particles will block the flow.


Rinse tank and fill with clean water.

Spray out half the tank and then add a couple drops of detergent to the remaining water. Shake the pump vigorously and spray out the water containing the detergent. Rinse tank again and refill with 1/2 a tank of clean water for final spray. Dry the tank properly before attaching the pump for storage.

Unscrew the spray cap and clean the cap and spray tip. 


Clean the pump with a mild detergent and a stiff bristle brush or cloth.
Unscrew valve cover and clean gasket, cover, and spring. 

Rinse and reassemble as shown.